Yvel GuelceMr. Guelcé was born in Cabaret, Haiti, moved to the U.S. with his family as a child, grew up on Long Island, New York, and eventually moved to Indianapolis to pursue his education in Information Technology. During his studies he met his wife, Sayuri, who was born and raised in Gunma, Japan. Together, with their two young children, they model a truly international family connected to friends and relatives from diverse cultures on opposite sides of the globe. Grateful for the help others provided as he overcame a variety of cultural hurdles early in life, Mr. Guelcé has made the care of both his immediate and his extended family a life priority. His “family” includes the community that surrounds him. He takes pride in his ability to share and facilitate the flow of information and educational opportunities which change the lives of others.

For most of the last decade, Mr. Guelcé has directed the control and use of technology to promote the arts and inspire interactive learning for adults and children at two major museums and institutions of learning. He has introduced new technology, streamlined infrastructure, and developed networks which provide all ages with the foundation for extended learning of the arts and sciences in formal or informal settings. His innovations include introducing cloud computing technology, automated gallery technology, and implementing artbabble.org, a cross-institutional video learning platform dedicated to art content.

As the Director of Infrastructure Technology at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Mr. Guelcé ensures the smooth operation of a complex and ever-changing collection of data resources and exhibits which are designed to inform and inspire youth of all ages. In addition to understanding intricate mechanical systems, he must be able to grasp, interpret and apply cutting-edge technology to current trends and interests. His technical abilities are complemented by his natural people skills. His openness and sensitivity to others makes him an agile team leader who is constantly receptive to new possibilities and collaborations with other management groups. This combination of technical and leadership skills makes him adaptable to many different corporate settings.

In addition to the time he shares with family, Mr. Guelcé shares his knowledge, energy and enthusiasm with his church community, and two groups which provide support to Haitian communities. When time allows, he enjoys cycling, photography, and reading. Not surprisingly, he is a bit addicted to exploring media— the information that connects and informs others — through such websites as: Google, Wired, Engadget, TechCrunch, NYTimes, CNNMoney, BBC News, HBR, and NPR.