Management Style

Passion, Process, and People

What is my management style?

In general, management style is so hard to pinpoint and can take years to define. Yet, the best type of management style is one that is receptive, adaptive, and applicable for the given circumstances. But of the 10 documented management styles, I would say I lend heavily on Strategic, Collaborative and Result-based management styles (in that order).

  • Strategic: I am not as interested in the minute details of basic tasks. Instead, I hired the best staff and motivated them to do their best work and build trust in their work.
  • Collaborative: I am not merely asking team members to partake, but I get involved where necessary, particularly when there are tight deadlines, you likely see me rolling up my sleeves and helping them get it done. In doing so, we are building a long-lasting relationship.
  • Result-based: The bottom line is efficiency. I am not troubled with how individual tasks are completed, as long as they get done well and in the fastest way possible.

Ultimately, my team members are never surprised by year-end performance review. That’s because we spend countless time together encouraging and discussing the area in need of improvement throughout the year. I’m actively soliciting feedback from team members about how we can improve.